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Zone and Unihoc floorball equipment


PRIDE series

The stick is a tribute to the mask-clad wrestlers who devote themselves to
Lucha Libre, or Mexican free wrestling. They’re known for their tenacity,
even when everything is pitch-dark and hopeless. Their attitude is to strive
to win every time and persevere for an unexpected turn of events. This is an
attitude that applies well to floorball. So we designed this stick.
Engineered around the same platform as Greed and ENVY Maxx, the blade is
just a little shorter and crafted for younger players.

Zone Gonzales (NEW)
Flex: Softflex (35mm)
Length: 70cm/75cm (composite)
Grip: Opti Grip
Blade: Soft
Price/Prix: 41.99$

Zone Pride Ortiz

Flex: Softflex (35mm)                                                         
Length: 70cm/75cm (composite)
Grip: Opti Grip
Blade: Soft                                                                                  
Price/Prix: 41.99$

Piraya series

When we set out to make a series of children’s sticks, we didn’t want to do what
everyone else did - shorten an adult stick shaft and smack a cartoon figure on it.
No way. We started from scratch. We engineered a brand new stick that took
into account children’s height, balance, muscle strength and coordination.
The result, a superb floorball stick that matches the size and capabilities of children.
The Piraya series’ shaft is available in lengths starting at 55 cm. And the blade is big
enough to provide a generous contact surface and ball control but not so big that it
becomes unmanageable. Balance between shaft and blade is the key.
Piraya has it. The perfect stick for anyone who wants to kick-start a floorball
career while boasting their baby teeth.

Piraya San Turquoise/Pacific blue/Red
Flex: Softflex (35mm)
Length: 60cm (composite)
Grip: Opti grip
Blade: Soft
Price/Prix: 35.99$

Piraya Ichi blue
Flex: Soft flex (35mm)
Length: 75cm
Blade: Soft
Price/Prix: 34.99$

RIP series

RIP is a favorably priced stick for everyone looking for a real
floorball stick. Nothing is missing here. A good starter stick
with excellent properties for passing and shooting alike.

RIP 31
Flex: Softflex (35mm)
Length: 87cm
Blade: Soft
Price/Prix: 44.99$

RIP 41

Flex: Softflex (35mm)
Length: 80cm/87cm/91cm/95cm/102cm (Composite)
Grip: Opti grip
Blade: Z.I.P. Soft
Price/Prix: 54.99$

OX series

OX is a classic. The blade is rather straight with a slight pocket, so
the precision in a passing play is like a dream. It also has extreme
torsion stiffness, rewarding the player with extra pressure behind
every shot.

OX 49
Flex: Firmflex (31mm)
Length: 91cm/95cm/102cm (composite)
Grip: Opti Grip
Blade: Medium
Price/Prix: 59.99$

OX 99

Flex: Steelflex (25mm)
Length: 95cm/102cm
Blade: Medium+
Price/Prix: 59.99$

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