Scanadian Floorball

Zone and Unihoc floorball equipment


Players interested to participate can register either in the Facebook Summer League Event or to
You are free to invite friends or other interested players to register for the Montreal Summer League.
Scanadian Floorball reserve the right to refuse participants.


On each event occasion there will be a draw for random teams from the players that are present. Depending on how many will turn out; the amount of teams can be from 2 to maximum 4 each time.

Each team will hopefully have an equipped goalkeeper and maximum 4-5 players on the field. The total team size will depend on the amount of players turning out.


Two of the random drawn teams will face off and play a game where the winner is the team that first scores 3 goals or leads at the end of the game.

The winning team will continue playing in the next game. A team can stay for two wins in succession maximum.

If the game ends in a tie and there are more than 3 teams then both teams will rest the next game and the 2 other teams will play against each other. If there are only 3 teams then and a game ends in a tie then the team that scored the first goal will stay on as winner (but the winning team players will be awarded only one point for the tie).

If there are only 2 teams then the teams will be re-shuffled after 2 games.

If one or more teams are relatively weaker after the half-way point of one specific evening then there is a possibility to alter the teams.

Each game could be maximum 5 minutes long depending on the turn-out.

Individual points:

Each individual player on the winning team will get 2 points, including the goalies.

Each player gets one point to start with as a presence point.

If the game is tied at the end of the game, each player will get one point, including the goalies.

The individual points will be accumulated after each event and stats will be available here on

There will be nice prices handed out to top overall players.The prices are in form of floorball equipment from Zone or Unihoc, courtesy of Scanadian Floorball.


There will be no penalties called but instead for all fouls that would normally result in a penalty; a penalty shot will be awarded.

If a player commits a foul that is deemed more than 2 minutes normally, that player is then excluded for the rest of the games that evening.


If there are only two goalies present one specific Monday and there are 3 or more teams then the goalies will be asked to alternate evenly for other teams.


Each participating player pay a total fee of 45$ in advance for the 7 sessions or pay a fee of 8$ each time.
The fee goes to pay for the gym rental and for the prices for the individual winners, as well as usage of material (pinnies, sticks, balls, goalie equipment etc) that is being lent to the participants.

No players are allowed to participate again unless they have paid the fee from previous time. No exceptions will be made.

In order to make this as much fun as possible for everyone it would be appreciated if everyone intending to participate are there on time, meaning before 6:30pm.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to get back to me.

Best Regards,

Eero Piilokivi

Scanadian Floorball