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Calendar of Events / Calendrier des événements

2007-2015 calendar of events

Montréal Open, Montréal Nov.10-11, 2007
Winner : Montréal Red Phoenix
Runner-up: National Floorball Club, Vancouver

EuroFloorball Cup Finals, Finland Jan.9-13, 2008 or tournament page
Winner : AIK, Sweden
Runner-up : Warberg, Sweden

Canadian Championships, Calgary Feb.16-17, 2008
Winner : British Columbia
Runner-up : Quebec

Canada Cup, Toronto March 21-23, 2008
Elite Winner : Montréal Red Phoenix
Elite Runner-up: FC Lemmings (Finland)

Men's C-division World Championships, Slovakia April 21-27, 2008
Winner : Slovakia
Runner-up: Spain
Third place: Canada

EuroFloorball Cup Finals, Winterthur, Switzerland, 8th-12th October, 2008
Winner : AIK, Sweden
Runner-up : SV Wiler-Ersigen, Switzerland

Montréal Open, Montréal Nov. 8-9, 2008
Winner : Montréal Red Phoenix
Runner-up : Toronto Floorball Club

Men's A and B-pool World Championships, Czech Republic Dec.6-14, 2008
Winner A: Finland
Runner-up A: Sweden

Winner B: Germany
Runner-up: Poland

Canadian Championships, Vancouver April 17-19, 2009
Winner : British Columbia
Runner-up : Ontario

Canada Cup, Toronto May 15th-17th, 2009
Elite Winner : Xstream IBK (California)
Elite Runner-up : TJ Sokol Jaromer (Czech Republic)

Montréal Open, Montréal Nov. 7-8, 2009
Winner : Fight Club Floorball, Montreal
Runner-up : Toronto Floorball Club

Canadian Championships (Men), Hamilton Feb.6, 2010
Winner : Ontario
Runner-up : Quebec

Men's World Championships Qualifiers, Hamilton, Feb. 5-6, 2010
Game 1: USA vs Canada 6-11
Game 2: Canada  vs USA 6-4

Canada Cup, Toronto May 21st-23rd, 2010
Elite Winner : Toronto Vikings
Elite Runner-up : Ottawa Blizzard

Ottawa Icebreaker Tournament, Gatineau, September 25-26, 2010
Winner: Ottawa Blizzard
Runner-up: Toronto Vikings
FC Montreal finished third and El Fuego from Montreal won the Intermediate division!

Men's World Championships, Finland Dec.4-11, 2010
Winner : Finland
Runner-up : Sweden
Third Place: Czech Republic

Canada finished 11th (best ever result for a non-European country).

Canada Cup, Toronto May 20-22, 2011
Elite Winner: Hamilton
Elite Runner-up: New York

Fight Club Montreal finished 4th.

Montréal Open, Montréal Nov. 12-13, 2011
Winner : Franco IBK, Montreal
Runner-up : Ottawa Blizzard 1

Men's World Championships Qualifiers, California, 2-3 February 2012
USA beat Canada 2-0 (8-7 and 7-4) in games but both teams advance as Brazil withdrew.

Ottawa Icebreaker Tournament, Gatineau, April 7-8, 2012
Winner: Ottawa Blizzard
Runner-up: Les Pistaches de St-Eustache (Quebec)
Easter Bunnies from Montreal won the Intermediate division!

Canada Cup, Toronto May 18-20, 2012
Elite Winner: Toronto Vikings
Elite Runner-up: Hamilton Floorhawks

Montréal Open, Montréal Nov. 2012
Elite Winner : Ottawa Blizzard
Elite Runner-up : Toronto

Men's World Championships, Switzerland, December 2012

Winner : Sweden
Runner-up : Finland
Third Place: Switzerland

Canada finished 13th.

Ottawa Blizzard Floorball Tournament, Gatineau, March 29-31, 2013
Winner: Hamilton FC
Runner-up: Ottawa Blizzard
Third place: Montreal FC

Canada Cup, Toronto May 17-20, 2013
Elite Winner: Lindås Waves, Sweden

Montreal Open, Nov. 2013
Winner: Toronto
Runner-up: Hamilton FC

Ottawa Blizzard Floorball Tournament, Gatineau, March 2014
Winner: Toronto United
Runner-up: Cambridge FC

Canada Cup, Toronto, May 2014
Elite winner: Hamilton FC
Elite runner-up: Swiss Floorball Academy

Montreal Open, Nov.2014
Elite winner: Toronto
Elite runner-up: Montreal FC

Men's World Championships, Finland, December 2014
Winner : Sweden
Runner-up : Finland
Third Place: Czech
Canada finished 14th.

Ottawa Blizzard Floorball Tournament, Gatineau, March 2015
Winner: Ottawa Blizzard
Runner-up: Cambridge FC

Canada Cup, Toronto, May 2015
Elite winner:
Elite runner-up:

Montreal Open, November 7-8, 2015