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ENVY series

The five ellipse-shaped holes serve two functions.
Number one, they reduce air resistance for a faster swing. A fancier name for this is
aero hole technology.
Number two, they make the stick torsion stiffer and more balanced, giving you
greater shooting and passing precision. And the shaft is baked in carbon fiber which
helps to keep
the weight extremely low.
One look at the blade and you’ll see that it is over-dimensioned. Not only did we
make the stick’s sweet spot bigger, giving you more options and a larger surface for
a clean shot. We’ve also kept the lines straighter to give you better ball control in
dribbling situations and better precision in your game.

Zone Envy Gold Chrome
Flex: Steelflex (25mm)
Length: 95cm/102cm
Total stick length with blade: 105cm/112cm
Grip: VS Grip Tacky with hot stamp Z pattern
Weight: 250 gram (95cm)
Blade: Envy Maxx Medium+ (HD PE low friction)
Price/Prix: 159.99$ On sale price

Zone Envy Red Light (New)

Flex: Midflex (29mm)
Length: 91cm/95cm/102cm

Total stick length with blade: 101cm/105cm/112cm
Grip: VS Grip Tacky with hot stamp Z pattern
Weight: 246 gram (95cm)
Blade: Envy Maxx Medium (HD PE low friction)
Price/Prix: 114.99$ On sale price

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