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Ottawa Icebreaker

Posted by scanadian on September 27, 2010 at 9:22 AM Comments comments (498)

The past weekend I was in Ottawa together with the FC Montreal team playing in the Icebreaker tournament, the first floorball tournament in Ottawa since 2006 if I remember correctly. The organizers did a good job in putting together the tournament. The schedule ran smoothly and obviously with just 4 teams in each division made it easier to handle, but congratulations for doing it well. Hopefully next year there will be more teams participating. Congratulations also to the Ottawa Blizzard  for winning the elite trophy and El Fuego for winning the intermediate division. FC Montreal finished third in elite.

On the negative side, the playing surface was not ideal for floorball but got better towards the end of the day, on both days. If this facility will be used next year a good idea would be to ask the janitor not to clean the floor before the tournament. First games we played on both Saturday and Sunday, the floor was absolutely horrible and had severe impact on the play.

Another thing that really bothered my team mates, as well as me, were the referees, who for most part lacked the necessary training and experience to referee at this level. We had seven guys on the FC Montreal team who played their first tournament in Canada, since coming from Europe, and they could not believe how poor the quality of the referees was.

I do of course understand that the organizers did the best with what they had but for future editions of the tournament better referees is a must!!

Sometimes I feel that all the priority is put on playing the games and the referees are just chosen to be there because they need to be there.

Next tournament in the schedule is the Montreal Open in early November. Final date will be confirmed shortly so stay tuned to this website and

Summer and fall of 2010

Posted by scanadian on August 13, 2010 at 10:01 AM Comments comments (11)

This summer it has been great to see all the old and new faces at the scrimmages and it's great to see how more new people are committing to floorball. The planned summer schedule has come to an end but I'm working on extending the schedule for a few weeks and leading up to September 11. More news about that shortly.

At the moment Guillaume Lamy is the points leader after taking over the lead from Fabien, who left for vacation this past week and did not accumulate any points. We will see over the next month or so if Guillaume can protect his lead and become the second player in succession from the "El Fuego" team to capture the summer league title.

Finally, the summer league ended without any extended schedule and the winner is Guillaume Lamy!!

Congrats to Guillaume. As the first price, he has received a Unihoc stick.

On September 11th we will organize the 3 on 3 tournament and it seems that a lot of people are interested which is great. It should turn out to be an interesting tournament and most likely we will organize another one in the fall if things go as planned.

If you have a team already in place then please do not wait until end of August to register. Register now and make it easier for Stephane and me to plan the schedule and other details.

I'm planning to start some extra practices in a few weeks time, separate from the Summer League, which will be used to prepare the men's Team Canada players for the upcoming World Championships but also to prepare players for the Ottawa Icebreaker tournament. Invitations to those practices will be coming to selected players.

Montreal Open will most likely be played on November 13-14 but we still need to confirm some details. We are looking at either Rosemere or Repentigny as possible locations for the tournament. More info on this to follow in the upcoming weeks.

The Montreal Floorball League is also in the plans and like every year we are trying to rally as many people as possible to improve the quality and quantity of our league. From the feedback I've been getting it seems like a draft for the elite division is the popular choice.

In the next few weeks the final roster for men's team Canada will be announced and we are looking at 8 players from Quebec on that roster. It will be interesting to see which players will be selected as the Canadian team will be making history in playing in it's first ever major WFC tournament and going up against Finland, Russia and Denmark.

In the mean time, please check out the Scanadian website for all the latest products from Zone and Unihoc. Some of the new equipment will be on display at the 3 on 3 tournament or at the practices coming up the next few weeks.

If you have any questions or comments then feel free to write back to me.


Final of the summer league

Posted by scanadian on September 4, 2009 at 9:34 AM Comments comments (6)

So, last summer league evening and the race for the overall points lead up for grabs!!

Coming from behind to take the overall points title, Karoliina Muukari, who together with her team mates dominated the evening. Matthew Jeffrey, who had parked on the #1 spot pretty much from the get go, was also passed by Maxime Turcotte, who claimed second spot thanks to playing on the strongest team of the evening.

The goalie rankings was completely dominated by newcomer Eric Brisson, who on this last evening won something like 14 out of his 16 games, which is pretty impressive. Now let's see how well Eric can do in the MFL, where the nets are considerably bigger!! :)

Congratulations to Karoliina and Eric!!!

I would like to thank you all for joining the league this summer, a whole total of 48 persons attended, which I find very impressive. I hope all the new players (and old for that matter) will stick around for the MFL league that will be starting sometime in early October.

Four major things happening this fall:

- Men's team Canada registration (sign up for the men's national team and try to make the team that is to play U.S. in the World Floorball Championships qualifications) more info on this on and

- Montreal Floorball League starts in October - more info on

- Elite scrimmages starts in October - contact me if you are interested

- Montreal Open in November 6-8 - more info on


Hope to see you soon.

Summer league

Posted by scanadian on August 12, 2009 at 8:47 AM Comments comments (9)

With a record amount of players, a total of 24, it was crowded on the sub benches as the three teams fought it out for the points on this last summer league evening at Bois de Boulogne.

Mathew Jeffrey kept his overall lead while Karoliina Muukari extended her lead in the women's standings.

Guoruey Wang got most points on the night in the goalie category but Eric Brisson is still in a strong lead.

Two more league evenings were added to the schedule but the league will be moving to College Letendre in Laval. The two dates are 27th of August and 3rd of September and on both nights we will be playing from 7pm to 9pm.

The Laval Outdoor Open is not confirmed and more info will be available shortly under it's own page here on the site. 

Summer league and outdoor tournament

Posted by scanadian on August 5, 2009 at 3:32 PM Comments comments (1)

Summer league

On another hot and humid evening of floorball the most even teams so far battled it out with just 2 points separating the 3 teams at the end of the evening. Mathew Jeffrey kept his lead and seems to run away with the overall win while Eric Brisson had yet another solid evening, saving several penalty shots and has a solid lead in the goalie standings, all this while Patrick and Guoruey played very well as well. The best female player is still Karoliina Muukari who extended her lead on an evening where most of the other female players were missing. Top players of the evening (not looking at the points) were Stephane Laporte and Alexandre Dupont who both impressed with their stick handling and shooting.

Outdoor floorball tournament

There will be a first outdoor tournament organized in Laval (Park Kennedy) on Saturday August 29th or Sunday the 30th, where Sunday would be a reserve day in case there is rain on Saturday. The format will be 4 vs 4 plus a goalie with maximum 9 players allowed per team. Team fee will be somewhere around 250$ for each team, with price money handed out for the two teams that reach the final. We are looking to have six teams starting the tournament and only one division. More info will be available here within the next week. If you are interested to play then get in touch with me on or call me on 514-927-6886.

Floorball is back

Posted by scanadian on August 3, 2009 at 6:04 PM Comments comments (0)

The popular summer league is re-starting on Tuesday August 4th at 7pm.

We play as usual at the same gym, College Bois de Boulogne - gym double on the second floor.

See you there.

Summer league

Posted by scanadian on July 1, 2009 at 8:27 AM Comments comments (0)

As we passed the planned half way mark of the summer league, Mathew Jeffrey is looking more and more like the man to beat for the overall lead, as the team lead by him played solid all evening. Ondrej Hudecek is tailing Mathew in second place but has some ground to cover.

The best point getter of the night was however goalie Eric Brisson, who had his most impressive showing in terms of floorball so far. He is now the new leader in the goalie category and player very well with several spectacular saves on the night.

Karoliina Muukari is the new points leader  in the women's category and Monia Paquette is a new second.

Great to see that once again we had several new players joining in :)

As the summer league has been a succesful event so far this summer with over 30 participants it might be a good idea to expand the schedule in August. More on this to follow...

Don't forget to check out the sticks here on the website, which has been updated to include all the models for the upcmoing season from both Zone and Unihoc. Zone Pipeline is the stick to look out for if you are a real floorballer...

Feel free to add your comments or thoughts here in the blog.

Happy Canada Day!!!!

Summer league

Posted by scanadian on June 24, 2009 at 7:59 AM Comments comments (0)

On a hot Tuesday evening with several new players joining the league, Matthew Jeffrey took a commanding lead in the overall points standings. Joe Cadigal had a very strong showing on this night, seemingly thriving in the heat, and placed him as lone leader in the goalie standings as he acquired 10 points.
Ondrej Hudecek had a near perfect score and was the top point getter of the evening with 12 points and putting him on a tied second with Asim Abbas, who also contributed to his teams wins this evening.
Tonight was an excellent showing in how important it is to play as a team!!!

Check out the summer sale link on the right side for great prices on floorball equipment.

If you are interested or have questions get in touch with me on

Happy St-Jean-Baptiste.

Floorball in Montreal

Posted by scanadian on June 18, 2009 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (25)
Montreal summer league and start of blog.

Summer is pretty much here and for the first time we have a "league" running over the course of most of the summer.
Already two league dates have been concluded with over 20 players, both new and old, joining in and everybody seems to enjoy the tight games. Thank you once again to all the players for joining the league.
Mathew Jeffrey and Marie-�ve are points leaders and I'm especially happy for Marie-�ve who has shown a lot of progress over the past months and should be a lock for Team Canada later on this year. Pat Cusson and Joe Cadigal are sharing the goalie points lead closely followed by promising newcomer Eric Brisson.

We are planning to host an outdoor tournament in late August so stay tuned for news on that.

On the Zone and Unihoc front there will be some really cool new equipment available soon so look out for the updates on the website during the summer.

une petite derniere...

Posted by scanadian on May 10, 2008 at 11:13 AM Comments comments (7)

Nous profitons des derniers instants de beau soleil suedois (ca fait bizarre de dire ca!!! ) a G�teborg et irons terminer la soiree en beaute en grignotant et sirotant sur une terrasse au centre ville avec ma copine Sarah.

Nous avons quitte Olofstr�m hier matin avec sa mere et un des ses freres et quelques 4 heures plus tard, en nous perdant un peu, on arrivait chez son autre frere a G�teborg. Les "au revoir" avec son pere se sont donc fait de bonne heure hier matin avant son depart pour le travail, ce qui a rendu l'exercise un peu moins difficile et triste parce que c'etait lui qui partait et non nous alors c'etait pas le meme feeling que d'habitude.

En apres-midi, Eero et moi avions rendez-vous avec Johan, l'entraineur de l'equipe canadienne et notre fournisseur de materiel de floorball. Il nous a fait visiter l'usine d'assemblage de batons Zone et Unihoc et nous avons ensuite rencontrer sa femme et ses 2 enfants lors d'un BBQ chez lui. Une tres belle soiree bien arrosee pour Eero, ce qui voulait dire que j'etais celle qui conduisait le "bateau" en ville! Moins stressant parce que je n'avais pas peur de foncer dans une bibitte poilue mais c'est quand meme pas super agreable de conduire ici. J'aurais une demande speciale a faire a la ville de G�teborg en leur demandant d'investir un peu plus dans des lampadaires ou de payer leur facture d'electricite! il y a plein de lampadaires...mais la grande majorite ne sont pas allumes! quand meme assez pratique pour voir le nom des rues et voir les innombrables ronds points!!!

Ce matin, c'etait les "au revoir" a sa mere et son frere venu avec elle. Jamais facile ce moment et comme a l'habitude tres triste .

Petite promenade en ville ensuite avec son frere et sa blonde et petit lunch tous ensemble. Nos valises sont maintenant faites et je crois que nous sommes tres ok pour le poids...une chance qu'on avait pas grand chose en partant parce qu'avec tous les vetements d'equipe Canada recus aux championnats, les achats ici et tous les batons de floorball recus hier, ca commence a faire du stock!

il ne nous reste donc plus qu'a apprecier notre derniere soiree ici et se preparer mentalement pour notre longue journee de vols demain! je dois avouer que quoique ce soit tres triste de quitter la famille et les amis ici, je m'ennuie terriblement de mes affaires et de mon monde. Je reve de mon lit depuis deja 2 semaines!!! ce sera la retour au bureau lundi matin et je sais que c'est pathetique, mais j'ai un peu hate, du moins pour la premiere heure, le temps de dire bonjour a tout le monde et avant de lire mes quelques centaines d'emails qui me rameneront trop vite a la realite!

au plaisir de vous revoir tres bientot!!!! 

So xxxxx





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