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General Machinery Association held power plant valve localization Forum

Time:2019-12-24 00:00:00Source:Visits:331

To promote the "large-scale thermal power station valve localization work", ChinaGeneral Machinery Industry Association (the Association recently held in) "large-scale thermal power station valve localization forum".

In the co chairman Sui Yongbin, the National Energy Bureau of energy conservationand the technology and equipment department deputy director Huang Li to attend the forum, and to promote the organization of large thermal power station to the important significance of the localization of the valve, promote the organization to carry out thework, the localization of the target, work plans and measures equally don't make important speech. Valve companies invited to participate in the forum, and the enterprise power station valve development, production, operating there,technological transformation and power plant valve localization problem,countermeasure and suggestion on the presentations and discussions.

The conference by Zhongtong Association vice president and Secretary GeneralZhang Yubao presided at the same time, the Deputy Secretary General Song Yinli,Qian Jiaxiang to attend the meeting.






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